Teach your dog, don't train

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Get positive results from an honest expert

Good behavior starts with one session

Your first session will take place at our location to see how your dog behaves outside of your home. You and your dog will learn during this first session and can expect to see immediate results. Future lessons will take place in anywhere you feel your dog needs to behave.

•  Private in-home sessions

•  Basic obedience classes

•  Advanced obedience classes

•  Group classes (Offered to private

  customers only)

•  Solves all behavioral problems

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Sit, down, come, heel, stay does not make a good dog

From a Yorkie to a Mastiff, your dog will want to please you when your personalized teaching is finished. Your dog will not be trained, but taught through a different concept that results in good behavior. Your dog will not learn by receiving food, pain, or fearing you. Rather, your dog will learn that your acceptance of their good behavior is reward enough and you will learn to be consistent with your dog.


You will learn from Alan Finn who has solved all types of behavior problems from basic obedience to saving aggressive dogs from being put down.

•  Teaches good behavior

•  Socializes dogs

•  Teaches service dogs

•  Teaches police dogs

•  Teaches personal protection dogs